APS News

March 1998 (Volume 7, Number 3)


One Year Until APS Centennial Celebration in Atlanta
Plans are now underway in earnest for the upcoming Centennial Celebration one year from now.
Physicists Honored at the 1998 March Meeting
Eleven APS Prizes and Awards will be presented during a special ceremonial session at the 1998 APS March Meeting in California.
APS Forms Cooperative Agreement with LANL's xxx e-Print Archive
The APS and Los Alamos e-Print Archive have established a cooperative partnership designed to allow the physics community to take maximal advantage of the e-print achives.
APS Announces Physical Review Special Topics Series
The APS has established a new peer reviewed electronic journal, Physical Review Special Topics: Accelerators and Beams.
A Century of Physics
A new feature on the last century of physics. This month: "The Birth of an Era" and the PhD Family Tree contest.
Inside the Beltway
The President Delivers Big Time for Science and Engineering
CSWP Web-Based Survey
A Web-Based survey documenting the "two-body problem" and creative solutions that have been tried by different institutions.
In Brief
Call for NSF Scholar-in-Residence at NIH; Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty; Lev Okun Honored as Humanitarian; Deutch Appointed to PCAST.


APS Views
APS President Andrew Sessler on celebrating a century of physics in '99
APS Social Conscience has Long History — Products over Proliferation
"Net Myths"
Tracy Thompson of the Washington Post on the emergence of "Net Myths": urban legends presented as fact via the internet.
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
Recent Replies to Invitations to the APS Centennial
The Back Page
Resources for Science and Technology: Investments in America's Future


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