APS News

November 1999 (Volume 8, Number 10)


New Education Officer Joins APS
Fredrick M. Stein to head the Education and Outreach department.
Ripin to Leave the APS
Barrie Ripin announced that he will leave his Associate Executive Officer position in January.
Largest Industrial Employers of PhD Physicists
Every two years, the AIP Education and Employment Statistics Division surveys a group of members belonging to at least one of the 10 AIP Member Societies and residing in the US.
APS Journals Divide and Multiply
Expanding coverage of the American Physical Society journals.
Festival Profile
Physics and dance in a pas de deux.
APS Creates Physicist Networking Database
APS creates a technical professional network for members that spans all employment sectors.
High School Physics Enrollments Hit Post-War High
AIP report finds more students are taking physics.
Mr. Smith Goes to College
Ten year old physics major.
Schawlow Honored in Special Memorial Session at ILS-XV
Highlights from the 15th annual ILS conference series.
Tiny 'Bow-Tie' Microlasers Make it Big
New Bell Labs design increases power of semiconductor lasers.
In Brief
New House Science Committee ranking member; New Web service for science writers.
Physics Works!
An interactive exhibit for everyone.
Physicists To Be Honored at November Unit Meetings
Five APS prizes and awards will be awarded in November.
APS Statement on Creationism
This position, which is still in effect, was adopted by APS Council on 22 November l98l in response to initiatives in several states to require 'equal' time for the instruction of creation and evolution in public schools.


Kansas Makes a Monkey of Itself
Kenneth Heller on viewing teaching as a physicist
The Back Page
Balancing National Security Concerns with Scientific Openness


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Editor: Barrett H. Ripin
Associate Editor: Jennifer Ouellette