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January 2000 (Volume 9, Number 1)


APS Council Statement, State-Wide Poll Responds to Kansas Controversy
At its November meeting, the APS Council approved a statement denouncing the recent decision by the Kansas Board of Education to remove references to evolution and the Big Bang from the state-wide science curriculum.
SNS Critical to US Science Health States APS Council
The APS Council unanimously endorsed a statement urging Congress to provide the necessary funding for timely completion of the national Spallation Neutron Source (SNS).
Council Votes to Reduce its Size by Constitutional Amendment
To any observer at the November Council meeting in Seattle, it would appear obvious why a motion to amend the APS Constitution to reduce the size of the Council passed overwhelmingly.
The Physics of Football
Millions of viewers nationwide had the opportunity in November to learn what college football fans in Nebraska have been hearing all season about the physics of football, thanks to a special news report on the ABC network featuring Timothy Gay, a professor of physics at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln (UNL).
Consciousness Raising
Consciousness-raising in the turbulent 1960s.
Langer Outlines Challenges, Priorities for APS in Y2K
An interview with incoming APS President James Langer on the year ahead for the Society.
APS Honors Two Undergrads with 1999 Apker Awards
Students from Williams College and the University of Rochester recognized for research accomplishments.
APS Council Approves Revised "What Is Science?" Statement
Revised definition of science and the rules of scientific exchange.
Solar Eruptions, Pollution Reduction Featured at DPP Meeting
Highlights from the November DPP meeting.
Open Letter to APS Members on Openness of Scientific Exchange From Jerry Friedman
The APS Council resolution adopted on 21 May 1999 states that "Any negative characterization of scientists on the basis of ethnic or national origins is destructive to science and American values."
Meeting Briefs
Division of Nuclear Physics and Gaseous Electronics Conference
APS Council Approves New Journal Pricing Model
New multi-tiered pricing scheme to be introduced for APS journals.
APS and AIP Jointly Launch Virtual Journals
Two new online "virtual" journals in biological physics and nanoscale science.
APS Leads Effort for Teacher Preparation
APS, AAPT and AIP spearhead a major effort to improve K-12 science teaching.


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Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
Quantum Baseball
The Back Page
Is there unconscious discrimination against women in physics?

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