Kudos for Centennial Projects

Two of the Society's special Centennial-related products have received critical raves in the general media. Scientific American's Website featured the APS A Century of Physics online wall chart as its "Bookmark of the Week" in December [http://timeline.aps.org/]. "This is not highbrow physics but a clear, readable and easily accessible tour of the century," the site description reads. "The result is a huge, multilayered timeline that puts the myriad important discoveries and inventions in physics in context with their time and their impact on society." In addition, Publisher's Weekly (November 1, 1999) selected the APS-sponsored coffee table book, Physics in the 20th Century, by Curt Suplee, as coffee table book of the year, citing the "informed clear text" and vivid photographs which "reveal in breathtaking fashion the development of physics in this century." The book has also been featured as a notable pick by the Quality Paperback Book Club and cited in USA Today.

Mazur Honored by CSSP

In November 1999, the Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP) honored Eric Mazur, a professor of physics at Harvard University and fellow of APS, with its 1999 Educational Research Award. This is only the third time the award is given, and the first time it has been awarded to a physicist. The CSSP, which has past APS President Jerry Friedman as chair-elect, is a powerful voice in fostering wise science policy, and one of the premier forums for open substantive exchanges on emerging scientific issues. Mazur was honored for the exceptional quality of his work over many years in educational research and outreach.

In Memoriam

At its November meeting, the APS Council adopted two memorial resolutions, in honor of the late Rep. George Brown, Jr. and laser science pioneer Arthur L. Schawlow. The resolutions were incorporated into letters of condolence sent to the families of the deceased by APS Past President Jerome Friedman.

George E. Brown, Jr.

"The Council of The American Physical Society notes with great sadness the death of Rep. George E. Brown, Jr. of California, former chair and ranking member of the House Science Committee and one of the staunchest advocates of science. Congressman Brown leaves a rich legacy: his bipartisan and thoroughly professional approach to science policy; his unswerving devotion to the future good of the nation; and his constant reminder to the science community that it, too, has social and political obligations. George Brown was a statesman and a gentleman who served his country with extraordinary devotion and distinction. The Council conveys its sincere sympathy to his wife and family."

Arthur L. Schawlow

"The Council of The American Physical Society notes with sadness the death of Arthur Leonard Schawlow of Stanford University, a co-inventor of the laser, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1981 for his work in laser spectroscopy, and recipient of the National Medal of Science in 1991. A talented researcher, outstanding educator and indefatigable lecturer, Dr. Schawlow trained a generation of graduate and post-doctoral students who played a fundamental role in shaping the field of coherent optics and quantum electronics. He was an outstanding physics citizen, serving as president of the APS in 1981. He lectured widely to the public and was active in support of efforts to help autistic individuals. The Council conveys its sincere sympathy to his two daughters and his son."

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February 2000 (Volume 9, Number 2)

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