APS News

March 2002 (Volume 11, Number 3)


Physicists Descend on the "Indy City" for 2002 APS March Meeting
Approximately 5000 APS members will gather to hear the latest research in a broad range of topics in condensed matter and materials physics, and other related fields.
Australian David Harris is New Media Relations Head
APS goes "down under" to find the best man for the job of communicating with the public.
Lower Funding Shocks Education Advocates
House and Senate conferees approve disappointingly low funding for improvements in science and math education.
HEPAP presents Final Long Range Planning Report to DOE, NSF
Final report calls for U.S. to host the next generation electron-positron collider.
APS Goes Global with Two International Conferences
APS fosters international exchange with workshops in Paris, France, and Havana, Cuba.
The Con-Artist Physics of "Ocean's Eleven"
The film's "Z-pinch" plot device really does exist... just not quite the same way it's depicted.


Good Marketing and Self-Delusion Won't Do — Upon Reflection, Spin is not Reversed — Extremist Left-Wing Views Corrected — More on Plurals
Spotlight on the Physics Profession
How Scientists Can Help With K-12 Education
The Back Page
The Role of Science in the National War on Terrorism


This Month in Physics History
Circa March 1935: Schroedinger's Paradoxical Cat
Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications...
Physics and Technology Forefronts
Plastic Electronics : Going Where Silicon Can't Follow?
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
The Story of Schroedinger's Cat (An Epic Poem)

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