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June 2002 (Volume 11, Number 6)


2002 April Meeting Features New SNO Data, CPU Study
More than 1200 physicists and astronomers attended the meeting in the beautiful southwest city of Albuquerque.
April Meeting Attendees Visit Ground Zero
On the last day of the APS April meeting in Albuquerque, four buses headed for the Trinity Site.
April Meeting Photos
The Primakoff Lecturer in Action — Dear Congress — Faster, Faster — And the Winners Are...
Mikulski, Walsh receive Public Service Awards
Pair honorred for their championship of increased funding for physics research.
NSF Report Tracks Science Funding Patterns
National Science Board members decry under-funding of the physical sciences.
Scientific Societies Foil Potential Journal Scam
A Los-Angeles-based journal subscription service has settled out of court in a civil lawsuit alleging fraudulent business practices.
CPU Study Issues Final Report
Report outlines research priorities, recommendations for astronomy/physics interface.
New SNO Data Resolves Solar Neutrino Problem
The solar neutrino problem has been settled and the ability of neutrinos to change from one type, or "flavor," to another established directly for the first time by the efforts of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory collaboration.
OPA Fellows Learn the Ropes on the Hill
Two young physicists are spending this year in the APS Office of Public Affairs as part of a new effort to provide further opportunities for scientists to gain science policy expertise.
Taking Hydrogen to the Extreme
Hydrogen at extremely high pressures, upwards of a million times that on the Earth's surface, can now be produced in physics laboratories.
Council Passes Statement on Defense Funding
Joins AIP Governing Board in calling for increased funding levels, more balanced allocation.


Demystifying the Schroedinger Cat — g-2 Experiment is Rock Solid — Polygraph Should be Judged Objectively
Achieving Mathematical Physics for All High School Students
The Back Page
Reflections on the American Physical Society in 2002


Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications...
This Month in Physics History
June 1871: Maxwell and his Demon
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
Variations on a Theme by Dirac
Inside the Beltway: A Washington Analysis
Bringing Home the Bacon

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