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July 2002 (Volume 11, Number 7)

New Mexico Yields New Senior Editors for PRC and PRE

Benjamin Gibson
Benjamin Gibson

Gary Grest
Gary Grest

Following a year long search process, committees for Physical Review C and Physical Review E have found new editors. Benjamin Gibson of Los Alamos National Laboratory will take the senior position at PRC and Gary Grest of Sandia National Laboratory will be PRE's senior editor.

Gibson has been involved off and on (mostly on!) on the PRC Editorial Board or as a PRC Associate Editor since 1978. His long association with the Division of Nuclear Physics is another of his assets. Gibson will replace Sam Austin, who has been at PRC's helm since 1988.

Grest is a recent Divisional Associate Editor for PRL and has been a very active author and referee for PRE.

His broad background in condensed matter, soft matter, computational physics, polymers and complex fluids made him a strong candidate.

Grest takes over from Irwin Oppenheim, PRE's original senior editor.

Peter Bond (BNL) chaired the PRC search committee and Herman Cummins (City College) lead the PRE committee.

The community responded strongly to the call for nominations and candidates, which appeared in a number of domestic and international publications. Each committee had over 40 names to consider. Electronic communication (not to mention the high percentage of international authors and subscribers) allowed the search committees to consider international candidates, and several of these reached the short lists.

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July 2002 (Volume 11, Number 7)

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