APS News

July 2002 (Volume 11, Number 7)


Physics Bachelor's Degrees on the Rise After 10-Year Decline
A new AIP study finds that physics bachelor's degrees should continue to increase over the next two years.
Friedman Testifies in Washington on NSF Doubling Bill
Former APS president speaks out in support of 15% increases for agency for the next three years.
Panel Probes Possibilities in Particle Physics
Distinguished scientists discuss the future of high-energy physics at DPF fall meeting.
APS NEWS Exclusive Interview
Ethnic Profiling, Other Issues Still Surround Wen Ho Lee.
New Mexico Yields New Senior Editors for PRC and PRE
Benjamin Gibson and Gary Grest to replace departed journal editors.
2002 Physics Olympiad Team Announced
Country's brightest students head to boot camp.


Top Quark Discovery Was a Joint Effort — Report Omitted ''Wigner and Symmetries'' Talk — A Scientist looks at the Corporate Universe — More on Kelvin's Degree — Bridge Goes Too Far
Viewpoint: Professional Master's Degree Programs
A case study in identifying challenges and orchestrating successes for professional master's degree programs.
The Back Page
Land mines an explosive issue that requires physicists' help.


Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications…
This Month in Physics History
June 1963: Discovery of the cosmic microwave background
Focus on Committees
International committees act globally.
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
Scientist splits atom, finds toy prize inside.

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