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August/September 2002 (Volume 11, Number 8)

APS Fellows Win Four National Medals of Science, 1 Technology

President Bush awarded four National Medals of Science and one National Medal of Technology to fellows of the APS in a White House ceremony on June 12. The medals are the country's highest award for lifetime achievement in science and technology.

Andreas Acrivos of the City College of the City University of New York and professor emeritus of chemical engineering at Stanford University was awarded a National Medal of Science for his contributions to the modern theory of fluid mechanics and convective heat and mass transfer.

Marvin L. Cohen of the University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, won the medal for his work in solid state physics.

Ernest R. Davidson of Indiana University was honored for work that led to the field of computational quantum chemistry.

Raymond Davis of the University of Pennsylvania and Brookhaven won the award for first measuring the solar neutrino flux and creating the field of neutrino astronomy.

Jerry M. Woodall won a National Medal of Technology for his research on and development of compound semiconductor hetero-junction materials and devices.

A total of fifteen medals of science and five medals of technology were awarded this year. Other winners included Harold Varmus, a 1989 Noble Laureate who studied the genetic origins of cancer, and Arun Netravali of Lucent Technologies.

The National Science Foundation administers the National Medal of Science, which was established by Congress for the White House in 1959. The National Medal of Technology was established in 1980.

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Editor: Alan Chodos
Associate Editor: Jennifer Ouellette

August/September 2002 (Volume 11, Number 8)

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