APS News

July 2004 (Volume 13, Number 7)


APS Joins Science Organizations in Urging Better Visa Regulations
Adopting six recommendations could streamline visa process.
APS Journals To Cost Less in 2005
Subscription prices will go down for the first time in many years.
QKD, XFELs Highlight 2004 DAMOP Meeting
Latest research results could have important implications for cryptography, characterization of electron beams.
AIP Plans Outreach Programs for World Year of Physics
Activities include monthly features in Physics Today and educational outreach kits for classrooms.
Next-Generation Accelerators Could Hold Key to Dark Matter, Energy
High energy physics community must make strong case to other scientists, Congress and the public.
Slakey's Low-Key Approach Pays Off for APS Lobbying Efforts
OPA associate director swears off power lunches to foster bipartisan personal ties, unusual alliances.
Small Inequalities Can Influence Women's Careers
Speakers at April meeting session explore how to make physics departments more "female friendly."
Did Gamma Rays Cause Ordovician Mass Extinction?
Second largest such event wiped out two-thirds of all species some 440 million years ago.
Students Compete in Physics Olympiad Boot Camp
Intense nine-day program helps students prepare for world competition.
Life's Building Blocks Are Found All Over Galaxy
Researchers find abundance of the molecule on which all known life depends: nitrogenated aromatics.
Who’s the Fairest of Them All?
APS and the American Association of Physics Teachers jointly sponsor a special award at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).
What’s a Nice Equation Like You Doing in a Cartoon Like This?
Earlier this year an animated feature called The Triplets of Belleville was playing in movie houses around the country.


Shakespeare Would Have Blushed — Arts/Science Collaboration Does the Job — First Working Laser Due to Maiman
National Science Board: Getting It Wrong Again?
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Illicit Trafficking of Weapons-Usable Nuclear Material


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This Month in Physics History
July 13, 1901: Santos-Dumont Flies Around Eiffel Tower
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
The Physics of High Heels
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