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June 2006 (Volume 15, Number 6)


Council Statement Registers Concern Over Potential Nuclear Weapons Use
Statement calls for more public debate on the issue, as well as whether there has been any change in US policy that could undermine the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
Particle Physics at a Crossroads, Academy Study Finds
NAS report calls for increased federal investment to maintain US leadership in the field.
CERN Head Says US Should Pay for Part of LHC Operation Cost
Aymar believes changing nature of accelerator physics research warrants breaking with past funding traditions for covering LHC's operating costs.
April Meeting Prize and Award Recipients.
April Meeting Prize and Award Recipients.
JLab Experiment Discovers Some Strangeness in the Proportion of Strange Quarks
New data reveals that protons are not as strange as scientists previously thought.
Crowd Packs the Hall for Lisa Randall Public Lecture
High school students, teachers, and members of the public joined physicists for an evening of string theory and cosmology.
Bringing the Universe Down to Earth
Scientists are turning to scaled-down, laboratory-based experiments to gain insights into the mechanisms of space plasmas.
"Starquakes" Reveal Clues About Magnetar Composition
X-rays arriving from magnetars yield information about seismic modes shaking the star, and give clues to the properties of its crust.
Physics Helps Bolster Homeland Security
New detection technologies could aid in monitoring nuclear reactors and freight cargo, as well as sense nuclear explosions.
Lorentz Invariance Still Stands
Highly sensitive torsion pendulum experiment shows no violation of this pillar of special relativity.
High School Teachers Day in Dallas
workshop on fractal patterns
CLEO/QELS Meeting Features Latest Photonics Research
Highlights include advances in Terahertz biochips for drug detection and orbital tomography.
UCSD Physicist Wants Nuclear Weapons Taken Off the Table
Jorge Hirsch spearheaded a petition opposing using the nuclear option against Iran, and led a small April 26 protest outside the White House.


Religion is Not the Same as Superstition — Scientists' Arrogance Makes Matters Worse — Origin of Life Still Controversial — Occam's Razor Cuts Out Intelligent Design — Science is Trying to Silence Religion — Evolution is not Dogma — Intelligence Fellowships Go Back to 1979
Inside the Beltway: Washington Analysis and Opinion
Pain and politics at the pump.
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US Nuclear Threat Can Enhance Stability


This Month in Physics History
June, ca. 240 B.C. Eratosthenes Measures the Earth
Members in the Media
APS members quoted in the media.

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