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June 2006 (Volume 15, Number 6)

Crowd Packs the Hall for Lisa Randall Public Lecture

High School students Lisa Randall signing book
Photo credit: James Riordon

High school students, teachers, and other interested members of the public joined physicists at the APS April Meeting in Dallas for "An Evening of String Theory and Cosmology" with Harvard physicist Lisa Randall, author of Warped Passages. In the photo at left, the crowd listens raptly during the lecture. In the photo at right, after the lecture Randall signs a copy of her book for Gentrea Hendrickson of Hurst, Texas.

Randall covered the basics of particle physics, string theory, extra dimensions, and the mysteriously elusive hypothetical gravitons, while the students in attendance posed an impressively high caliber of questions during the discussion following the lecture. The evening kicked off with a catered reception at the Dallas Hyatt Regency, where Randall mingled informally with local high school students and their teachers.

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June 2006 (Volume 15, Number 6)

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