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April 2007 (Volume 16, Number 4)


New Research in Particle, Nuclear and Astrophysics Featured at April Meeting
Jacksonville conference will also feature talks by 2006 Physics Nobel Prize winners
APS Panel Report Assesses Nuclear Waste Storage Issues
POPA report examines issues related to establishing one or more interim storage sites for spent nuclear fuel
Four New Sites Added to Teacher Education Program
Interest in joining PhysTEC remains high among physical science educators
Named Lectureships Enhance March and April Meetings
Distinguished physicists from at home and abroad chosen as invited speakers for the Primakoff, Beller, and Marshak lectureships
Major Donation Launches New Math and Science Education Initiative
ExxonMobil will provide funding for the National Math and Science Initiative, aimed at improving US competitiveness and preserving the country's future science and technology workforce
Initial Employment is Focus of AIP Report
More than half of new recipients of physics degrees now find employment in the private sector
Physicists Use Direct Line to Capitol Hill
Attendees made use of the bank of computer terminals set up at the March Meeting in Denver to contact their representatives in Congress
Grave Concern About Earth Observing Satellites at Science Committee Hearing
New National Research Council report finds that the US global observation platform is at "great risk."
Scientists and Engineers Get the Oscar for Improving Film Production
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honored advances in computer modeling, graphics, e‑film, and digital archiving technologies in February


Open Access Unnecessary for Physicists — Simulations Teach Real Physics
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The human dimension is key to controlling proliferation of WMDs


Members in the Media
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This Month in Physics History
April 1911: Kamerlingh Onnes Begins work on Superconductivity
Washington Dispatch
A bimonthly update from the APS Office of Public Affairs
International News
How I was helped by Superman
Zero Gravity:The Lighter Side of Science
Footnotin' Frenzy
Profiles in Versatility
Patents and physics make great partners

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