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June 2008 (Volume 17, Number 6)

April Meeting Prize and Award Recipients

April Mtg Prize and Award Recipients

Photo courtesy William Greenblatt

Front row (l to r): Lillian C. McDermott, Ronald E. Mickens, Gerald Holton, Pierre Goldschmidt, Vicky Kalogera, Friedrich K. Thielemann, Arthur M. Poskanzer, H. Eugene Stanley. Back row (l to r): George Cassiday, Peter Shaffer, Jedrzej Biesiada, Nikolai Tolich, Michael R. Brown, Lyndon R. Evans, Alexei Smirnov, Soon Yoon Chang, James Trefil, Pierre Sokolsky, Pavel Podvig, Matthew Becker, Chenggang Xu. Individual pictures and biographies for most of these recipients can be found in the Spring APS News Prize and Award insert, available online with the March 2008 issue.

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Staff Writer: Ernie Tretkoff
Contributing Editor: Jennifer Ouellette
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June 2008 (Volume 17, Number 6)

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April Meeting Prize and Award Recipients
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