APS News

May 2009 (Volume 18, Number 5)


March Meeting Highlights Energy Storage, Generation
The March Meeting showcased more new methods for energy storage and generation
Supercomputers Simulate Stars, Cars, Hurricanes, and Blood
Faster supercomputers allow for better simulations of fluid dynamics ranging from star formation to blood flow in the human body
A Nanoscale Peek Inside the Cell
Cellular biologists are using super resolution fluorescence microscopy for previously unprecedented levels of resolution
<em>60 Minutes</em> Got It Wrong
CBS’s <em>60 Minutes</em> falsely claims to have contacted APS for their recent special on cold fusion
Evolution Stirs Tempest in Turkish Teapot
The apparent censorship of a recent article in the leading Turkish science journal sparks a firestorm of protest
Harvard, APS Reconcile Copyright Policy
A new agreement between Harvard and APS will allow the open access of Harvard scientific papers, while still respecting APS copyrights
Doing Research with Mass Appeal Can Be a Double-edged Sword
Physicists sometimes feel a backlash for promoting work with a lot of general public appeal
Nanotech Advances Include Data Storage and Sharper Metal Tips
The March Meeting featured some of the latest advances in nanotechnology, including ultra sharp metal tips and methods for compact data storage


Letters to the Editor
Where Are the Africans? • Those Wacky Chemists of 1886 • New Copyright Policy Meets Previous Concerns • Open-minded Research Needed on UFOs • Discovery in Physics Guided by Theory
Copernicus’ Remains: Miraculous discovery or wishful thinking?
The Back Page
Why talking to physicists tells you what you can’t hear elsewhere
Inside the Beltway
It’s a New Day for Science


Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications...
This Month in Physics History
May 31, 1957: DeWitt’s Letter on Everett’s “Many Worlds” Theory
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
Nano in a Bottle
The Education Corner
Bimonthly column featuring educational programs and publications

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