APS News

November 2009 (Volume 18, Number 10)


APS Panel on Public Affairs Tackles Nuclear Non-Proliferation and the Electricity Grid
APS's Panel on Public Affairs is set to release major reports on nuclear non-proliferation and the electricity grid
Nation’s Capital Hosts APS “April” Meeting in February
Thousands of physicists will journey to Washington DC in February for the 2010 April Meeting
Three Masters of Light Share 2009 Nobel Prize
The 2009 Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to three developers of optics technology that has revolutionized the modern information age
Stimulus is Both Short and Long Term Investment for National Labs
The Department of Energy's national laboratories are set to invest funds from the economic stimulus towards short term construction and long-term research
Physics Majors Pull In High Starting Salaries
Research shows that it pays to earn a bachelor's degree in physics
Media Fellow Fills Science Journalism Gap
APS's media fellow Chris Spitzer helps <em>The Oregonian</em> keep science in the newspapers
New Edition 12.7% Funnier, Author Claims
When James Kakalios taught a class based on the physics of superheroes, he did not realize it would lead him to a series of popular lectures, a popular book and consulting for a Hollywood film.


Letters to the Editor
You Can’t Teach Physics by Preaching • Universe Remains Beyond our Ken • Carbon Dioxide is Not a Pollutant • Current Climate Statement Moderate, Accurate • Evidence for Climate Change is Overwhelming • Helping Individuals Matters Most
The Back Page
Why We’re Celebrating LaserFest


Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications ...
This Month in Physics History
November 27, 1783: John Michell anticipates black holes
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
Random Walks
Profiles in Versatility
Consulting Firms Make Use of Physics Skills
Washington Dispatch
A bimonthly update from the APS Office of Public Affairs
International News
Now is the Time for Scientific Globalization

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