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June 2010 (Volume 19, Number 6)


Teacher Education Program Adds Five New Sites
PhysTEC, which helps future physics teachers prepare for their careers, adds five new training sites
It’s a Bumpy Ride to Private Management for Los Alamos, Livermore
Years after the management of Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Labs transferred to private companies, troubles at the labs persist
New Process Gives APS Members More Voice in Policy
The recent addendum to the climate change statement served as a test run for a new process for adopting policy statements
Richter Takes Readers Beyond Smoke and Mirrors
Nobel laureate Burton Richter talks about his new book and explains why he thinks more needs to be done about global climate change
New Technique Raises Fears of Nuclear Proliferation
A new method of uranium enrichment using lasers has sparked fears that it could be misused by countries trying to surreptitiously develop nuclear weapons
President, Congress Take Note of Laser Anniversary
The President of the United States and the U.S. House of Representatives officially recognize the importance of the laser on its 50th anniversary
Cell is Mechanical Device
Physicists offer a new look at the behavior of cells, as tiny mechanical devices rather than just a collection of interacting chemicals
Model Predicts the Progress of Disease Detection
At the March Meeting, multiple groups showed how physicists are helping to fight diseases around the world
Physicists Study Quantum Chemistry Near Absolute Zero
Researchers announced at the March Meeting the first observation of chemical interactions at temperatures near absolute zero
Proposed Constitutional Amendment
The Executive Board, acting on the recommendations of a report from the APS Committee on International Scientific Affairs (CISA), asked the Constitution & Bylaws Committee to draft modifications to the Constitution and Bylaws.


Letters to the Editor
A Series of Comments on Fourier • Early Work on Graphitic Epitaxial Growth • Senator Reid Will Fix It • Back Page Nails It
The Back Page
Scientific Fraud (or scientific misconduct if you dislike using the term fraud).
Inside the Beltway
Risk(y) Management


Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications
This Month in Physics History
Circa June 1748: Publication of <em>Analytical Institutions</em>
The Education Corner
A column on educational programs and publications

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