PhysTEC Request for Proposals Coming Soon

The Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PhysTEC) project is planning to release a request for proposals for new sites to develop model physics teacher preparation programs, beginning in the 2011-2012 academic year. Proposals are solicited for two types of sites:

Comprehensive Sites
Receive up to $100k per year for three years. These sites will implement the full PhysTEC program.

Focused Sites

Receive up to $25k per year for three years to implement specific elements of teacher preparation programs.

Institutions wishing to apply must submit a pre-proposal by November 1, 2010. More details will be posted on the PhysTEC website by late September. Minority-serving institutions are strongly encouraged to apply.
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Minority Speaker Travel Grants

APS offers travel grants for institutions that wish to host a minority physicist colloquium speaker. The program provides a reimbursement of up to $500 to colleges and universities for the travel expenses of one minority colloquium speaker per academic year. Eligibility extends to physics departments of American colleges and universities; Canadian and Mexican colleges and universities are also eligible to apply, provided that the speakers they invite are currently employed by U.S. institutions. Funding for the program is limited, and institutions are encouraged to apply early in the academic year, even if the speaker is not scheduled until the spring semester.
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Introducing New Education & Diversity Staff

Deanna Ratnikova has joined APS as the Women and Education Programs Administrator, replacing Sue Otwell, who retired in June. Ratnikova is helping administer many of the department’s initiatives, including the Blewett Scholarship, professional skills development workshops, and various committee meetings. She has degrees in chemistry and public affairs, and experience in organizational planning and social marketing.

Sara Webb has joined APS as the Education and Diversity Projects Coordinator. Webb is primarily assisting the department’s two largest projects: PhysTEC and the Minority Bridge Program. Webb has a degree in math and significant experience in a variety of roles, including teaching, volunteer management, and web design.

Noyce Scholarship Video Released

The PhysTEC project has produced a video introduction to the NSF’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship, as told by two Noyce Scholars and a Noyce Program Coordinator. This two-minute video highlights some of benefits of the scholarship, which is intended for science, math, and engineering majors who want to become teachers. The video is intended to be screened in university classrooms, department open houses, scholarship information sessions, or other places where potential future teachers meet.
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PhysTEC Learning Assistant Workshop

The PhysTEC project is sponsoring a workshop focusing on the University of Colorado’s Learning Assistant program. The Learning Assistant program is a highly supported peer teaching experience that has been shown to improve students' learning and attitudes toward science in undergraduate lecture classes and recruit talented science and math students into teaching careers. The workshop will take place on October 13 and 14; housing and on-site meals will be provided.
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