APS News

December 2011 (Volume 20, Number 11)


The Physicists are Coming! The Physicists are Coming!
The annual March Meeting is coming to Boston Massachusetts in February, and promises to be the largest ever
International Conference of Graduate Students Invades Nation’s Capital
The three day Canadian-American-Mexican Graduate Student Physics Conference held this year in Washington DC highlighted the intersection of research and public policy
Electronic Coalition May Save Some Texas Programs
Universities across Texas have been told they have to close down their physics programs due to low enrollment numbers, but an electronic coalition may save some of them
APS Calls for Outreach Grant Proposals
The American Physical Society is calling for applications in order to fund programs aimed at promoting the fun and excitement of physics to the public
APS Starts New Recognition Program for Women
The Committee on the Status of Women in Physics will start in January to recognize the “CSWP Woman Physicist of the Month”
Science gets Budget Boost, but Congress Slams OSTP
In what some observers saw as a surprising move, the Federal budget for 2012 included mostly increases for science and research programs
Plasma Meeting Features Research on High Pressures, Fusion Reactors, and Etching
The Division of Plasma Physics drew over 1,500 physicists to Salt Lake City Utah for its annual meeting


Letters to the Editor
Once a Physicist... • Consumers’ rights to catastrophe • Kelvin No Hero to Geologists • There is no game to change
The Back Page
The Economics of Education: Closing Undergraduate Physics Programs
Inside the Beltway
Wall Street’s Loss May Be the Nation’s Gain


Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications...
This Month in Physics History
December 2, 1942: First self-sustained nuclear chain reaction
The Education Corner
A column on educational programs and publications
Profiles in Versatility
Mmm, Mmm, Physics! The Man with the Plan for Cans
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
Ultraluminal Neutrinos