M. Hildred Blewett Fellowship
APS is now accepting applications for the M. Hildred Blewett Fellowship. This award is intended to enable women to resume physics research careers after an interruption. The deadline to apply is June 1, 2013. For more information and/or to apply, please visit: www.aps.org/programs/women/scholarships/blewett/

Save the Date: APS Bridge Program Summer Meeting
The APS Bridge Program Summer Meeting will bring together experts to discuss efforts to increase the number of underrepresented minorities who receive PhDs in physics. The meeting will be held June 27-29, 2013 at the American Center for Physics in College Park, MD. Workshops, panel discussions, and presentations will address topics such as: mentoring, bridge program logistics, cultivating faculty/administrative support, and building a sense of community for students.

The conference is designed for faculty, administrators, and students from prospective and existing bridge program sites, as well others who might be interested. To receive more information about the meeting as it becomes available, please email bridgeprogram@aps.org.

Nominate a Women or Minority for APS Fellowship, Prizes and Awards
The APS Fellowship Program recognizes members for exceptional contributions to pure or applied physics or physics education, or for exceptional leadership or service in physics.

Further information on the fellowship nomination process can be found online at http://www.aps.org/programs/honors/fellowships/

For information on nominating women and minorities for APS prizes and awards, please visit http://www.aps.org/programs/honors/nomination.cfm

Climate Site Visits
The APS has had a long-standing interest in improving the climate in physics departments for underrepresented minorities and women. The Committee on the Status of Women in Physics (CSWP) and the Committee on Minorities (COM) both sponsor site visit programs.

For more information on the Climate for Women in Physics Site Visit Program, visit: http://www.aps.org/programs/women/sitevisits/index.cfm

For more information on the Climate for Minorities in Physics Site Visit Program, visit: http://www.aps.org/programs/minorities/sitevisits.cfm

Update Your Department’s Female Friendly Graduate Program Survey
CSWP provides responses to a series of questions about graduate programs in physics that should be helpful to those interested in assessing the climate for women at various graduate schools. You can find department responses to a short series of questions at: http://www.aps.org/programs/women/female-friendly/index.cfm
All responses are self-reported by department chairs (or their assignees). To update your responses, please contact women@aps.org.

Help Endow the Bouchet Award
For the past 18 years, the Edward A. Bouchet Award has connected exceptional minority physicists with students from the US and abroad. The award will lose its annual funding in 2013, so APS needs your help. Our goal is to endow this award by raising $140,000 to continue to mentor and inspire underrepresented minorities as part of the next generation of scientists. Learn more and donate at: http://www.aps.org/about/support/bouchet/index.cfm

APS Bridge Program Now Accepting Student Applications
The mission of the APS Bridge Program (APS-BP) is to strengthen physics in the United States by increasing the number of underrepresented minority students who receive doctoral degrees in physics. The APS-BP is open to prospective students who meet the eligibility criteria, exhibit academic promise, plan to pursue a doctoral degree in physics and can enhance the diversity of doctoral students in physics.

Students enroll in a one- to two-year Bridge Experience in a post-baccalaureate program that provides research experience, advanced coursework, mentoring, and coaching in preparation for graduate school. The Bridge Experience aims to improve access to and culture of graduate education for all students, with emphasis on those underrepresented in doctoral programs in physics. Successful applicants will be fully supported through a combination of funding from the Bridge institution and the APS Bridge Program.

Complete applications to the APS Bridge Program are due by April 15. Learn more and apply at: http://www.apsbridgeprogram.org/about/students.cfm

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