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APS News: Fall 2014

Oversight of APS Committees

Board of Directors

Shared Oversight

Council of Representatives

  • Audit Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee
    • Budget Committee
    • Investment Committee
  • Governance Committee (Subsumes Committee on Constitution and Bylaws)
  • Physics Policy Committee
  • Panel on Public Affairs
  • Publications Oversight Committee
  • Committee on Careers and Professional Development
  • Committee on Committees
  • Committee on Education
  • Committee on Informing the Public
  • Committee on International Freedom of Scientists
  • Committee on International Scientific Affairs
  • Committee on Meetings
  • Committee on Membership
  • Committee on Minorities
  • Committee on Prizes and Awards
  • Committee on Status of Women in Physics
  • Fellowship Committee
  • Historic Sites Committee
  • Nominating Committee

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APS Needs Your Help—Be Sure to Vote in October
Council Endorses Historic Changes to APS
Summary of Proposed Changes
What is Happening & Why
Committee on Corporate Reform Perspective
Composition & Function of Governing Bodies* and CEO**
Oversight of APS Committees
Voting & Transition Timelines
Thoughts from Past APS Presidents