APS News

APS News: Fall 2014

Special Edition
APS Needs Your Help—Be Sure to Vote in October
A letter from 2014 APS President Malcolm Beasley
Summary of Proposed Changes
A snapshot of the most important modifications to APS governance
What is Happening & Why
Concise answers to frequently asked questions about APS governance changes
Committee on Corporate Reform Perspective
How APS Operates Now & Realignment of APS Governance
Composition & Function of Governing Bodies* and CEO**
The relationship between the Board of Directors, the Council of Representatives, and the CEO, and what they are each responsible for
Oversight of APS Committees
How APS Committees will be overseen by the Board of Directors and the Council of Representatives
Voting & Transition Timelines
Important dates in the voting schedule and key events in the transition process
Thoughts from Past APS Presidents
Comments on APS governance changes

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New Foundational Documents

Review the proposed governance changes as stated in the revised foundational documents listed below. Voting on these changes will begin on October 6.
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More Information

Learn more about the evolution of the proposed APS governance changes including progress updates, original foundation documents, and videos.
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