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December 2019 (Volume 28, Number 11)

Education and Diversity News

Travel Support, Skills Seminar, STEP UP, and NMC Conference

Support Available for Student Travel to APS Meetings

The Braslau Family Travel Grant program provides support for degree-seeking students and early career physicists to attend an APS March or April Meeting. Grant amounts are based on the availability of resources, with special consideration given to students who lack personal or institutional financial support. Awards typically range from 500 to 1,000. Applications are open from November 11, 2019 to January 3, 2020. For more information visit the Braslau web page.

Communication and Negotiation Skills Seminar for Women

With support from the National Science Foundation, APS has trained women in physics to conduct professional skills seminars for students and postdocs at APS-sponsored meetings and at universities and institutions. Professional Skills Development Seminars are highly interactive workshops where participants will learn and practice communication and negotiation skills. For more information, please visit the Skills Seminar for Women page.

Give Future Physicists a STEP UP

STEP UP designs high school physics lessons that empower teachers, create cultural change, and inspire young women to pursue physics in college. With your help, we can make an even greater impact to prevent the loss of talented minds in physics. Please consider making a gift to help young minds discover new career pathways, recognize traditionally underrepresented people in physics, and sharpen problem-solving skills. Donations can be made at the STEP UP website.

National Mentoring Community Conference

We are excited to invite you to the 2020 APS National Mentoring Community Conference, which will be held February 6-8 at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. Registered NMC Mentees and Mentors are eligible for discounted registration and travel funding! Register at the NMC conference registration page.

This conference is hosted in partnership with the National Society of Black Physicists and the National Society of Hispanic Physicists and will feature:

  • Plenary talks by prominent scientists
  • Optional NASA Kennedy Space Center tour
  • Career workshops and professional development for students
  • An opportunity to showcase your program at the Research Experience for Undergraduates and Graduate School Fair
  • Sessions on strategies for effectively mentoring underrepresented minority physics students
  • Opportunities to connect with other physics students and faculty
  • An undergraduate Research Poster Competition
  • And much more!

You won’t want to miss this exciting conference! Be sure to check the conference website for updates.

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Editor: David Voss
Staff Science Writer: Leah Poffenberger
Contributing Correspondent: Alaina G. Levine
Publication Designer and Production: Nancy Bennett-Karasik

December 2019 (Volume 28, Number 11)

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