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Scholarly Peer Review is an Age-Old Practice, But Publishing is Changing
For Peer Review Week, Rachel Burley, APS Chief Publications Officer, reflects on the future of one of science’s most vital processes.

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The Surprising Physics of How Dogs and Cats Drink Water
Yes, they lap. But what does that mean?


“I Get Goosebumps Still”: Angela Stickle, DART Mission Scientist, Reflects on Humanity’s First Effort to Change an Asteroid’s Orbit
Smashing a spacecraft into an asteroid could someday save Earth, Stickle says. After last year’s test, what comes next?

The Hunt for Planet Nine

The Hunt for Planet Nine
Since Pluto was demoted to a “dwarf planet” in 2006, a Caltech team has been searching for a hypothesized planet on the edge of the Solar System.

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To Boost Undergrad Enrollment, Physics Departments Turn to APS Innovation Fund Program, DALI
The Departmental Action Leadership Institute has expanded the reach of EP3, a guide for physics departments looking for positive change.

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STEP UP Program, Aiming to Grow the Number of Women Physics Majors, Expands Training in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles
Partnering with local colleges has bolstered program efforts, as coordinators plan recruitment for next year’s cohort.

APS’s “Show Me the Money!” Webinar Helps Students Negotiate Job Offers, Kicking Off Multi-Month Careers Series
Peter Fiske advises physicists to reframe the question, “How much will I be paid?” to, “How much am I worth?”

Once a Crystal Collector, Now a Crystal Scientist
Since earning his doctorate in solid-state physics through the APS Bridge Program, Brian Casas says it feels like life has come full circle.

How to Strengthen Computing Instruction in the Physics Classroom
Better computational training is needed to prepare physics students for the workforce, says researcher Danny Caballero.

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Opinion: The Extraordinary Life and Science of Hilde Levi
Levi, a Jewish German-Danish physicist, escaped the Nazis in the 1930s. In the decades after, she built a diverse career that spanned from biophysics to radiation safety.

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The Rise of the Data Physicist
In the search for new physics, a new kind of scientist is bridging the gap between theory and experiment.

Is Climate Science Physics?
How we answer this question can help determine who understands, and who enters, the field.

Congressional Fellowship Thomas Plumb-Reyes

An APS Fellowship Shapes a Capitol Hill Career
Thomas Plumb-Reyes wraps up his year as a Congressional Science Fellow.

Brookhaven Lab EIC

US Nuclear Scientists Chart Priorities for Next Ten Years
Among them: build an Electron-Ion Collider and detect neutrinoless double beta decay.

As the Congressional Science Fellowship Turns 50, Fellows Reflect on Their Experience
Three former fellows recall the skills they still use today.

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