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Preview: 39th Annual Gallery of Fluid Motion

November 19, 2021

This week, researchers studying the physics of fluids will meet in Phoenix for the 74th Annual Meeting of the Division of Fluid Dynamics (DFD). A highlight of the annual DFD meeting since 1987, the Gallery of Fluid Motion illustrates the science—and very often also the beauty—of fluid motion.

A panel will select outstanding entries based on artistic value, scientific content, and originality. The winning entries will be published next year as a special supplement to Physical Review Fluids (see the just-published collection from last year’s Gallery). In addition, the top three winners in each category will be presented the Milton Van Dyke Award, consisting of a small monetary prize, a copy of the Album of Fluid Motion, and an award certificate.

Posters and videos will be on display in the Exhibit Hall during the Afternoon Refreshment Break on Monday, November 22, when the award-winning entries will be announced. Browse some of this year’s entries below:


Numerical Schlieren of the X-59 QueSST

Numerical Schlieren

Experimental Streak and Quantitative Schlieren Imaging

Experimenal Streak

A Fluid Mechanic Guide to the Orchestra

Guide to Orchestra

Mixing in Time-Periodic Chaotic Flows with Bacteria




Tussle of the Vortices

Effects of wing-induced flow on the odor plume structures in an upwind surging flight of monarch butterfly

Simultaneous imaging of zooplankton morphology and wakes through 3D scanning particle image velocimetry

Self-propulsion of a Freely-Suspended, Rotationally-Symmetric Swimmer Enabled by Viscoelastic Normal Stresses

The Yarning Droplet

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