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Physical Review Applied Call for Papers

APS’s newest journal is now open for business.

December 16, 2013

Physical Review Applied

Physical Review Applied

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Physical Review Applied, APS’s newest research journal, has announced its call for papers. The journal, the first issue of which will be published in early 2014, will be APS’s first journal focused specifically on applied physics research.

"There is a large and growing audience of both physicists working on applied topics, and engineers working on important applications that at their heart hinge on physical mechanisms," Troy Shinbrot, editor of the journal said in a recent interview. "Physical Review Applied seeks to be the place to publish, to discuss, and to promote the physics on which these new ideas hinge."

The editors are encouraging scientists to submit their theoretical or experimental work on materials science, surface and interface physics, device physics, condensed matter physics, optics and any intersection of physics and engineering. The journal will publish both short letters as well as longer journal articles.

The journal was established as a part of APS’s five-year strategic plan. An important part of the plan is for the society to better serve industrial and applied physicists. Journal editors said that Physical Review Applied would be a big part of that effort.

Physicists can submit their manuscripts to Physical Review Applied online.