History of Condensed Matter Physics

On the History of Condensed Matter Physics

Originally called the Division of Solid State Physics (DSSP), the unit was formed in 1947, the third society division. (The Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics was established in 1943, and the Division of High Polymer Physics was formed in 1944.) In 1978 the DSSP was renamed the Division of Condensed Matter Physics to recognize that disciplines covered in the division included liquids (quantum fluids) as well as solids. Today the DCMP is the largest of all APS divisions.

Condensed Matter Physics concentrates on such topics as superconductivity, semi-conductors, magnetism, complex fluids, and thin films. A broad range of physical problems, both applied and basic, are investigated.

DCMP Governance History

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FHP: March Meeting 2010. The 50th Anniversary of the Prediction of Superfluidity on He3. Presentations: P. Anderson, A. Sessler, J. Serene, D. Lee and A. Leggett.

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