Virtual Pressroom 2013

55th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics

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November 11-15, 2013
Denver, Colorado

Press Releases

Bring a 50,000-degree Plasma into Your Living Room (with Video)PDF format
An online open-user experiment puts users in control of a real physics laboratory.
Using Airport Screening Technology to Visualize Waves in Fusion PlasmaPDF format
Millimeter-wave imaging helps scientists better understand and manage plasma instabilities.
Riding an Electron Wave into the Future of Microchip FabricationPDF format
Computer simulation explores how intense plasma waves generate suprathermal electrons, which are critical to microchip fabrication.
New Antenna Spreads Good Vibrations in Fusion PlasmaPDF format
"Shoelace Antenna" exploits naturally occurring resonant vibrations to regulate heat and particle flow through the plasma boundary in a tokamak fusion reactor.
Lifting Fusion Power onto an (Optimized) PedestalPDF format
New insights into a fusion plasma’s transport barrier promise to boost future reactor performance.
Plasma Experiment Demonstrates Admirable Self-ControlPDF format
Researchers exploit plasma self-organization as a path to economical fusion power.
Putting a New Spin on Tokamak DisruptionsPDF format
Rapid plasma rotation may be the key to softening the blow of powerful plasma disruptions.
Building a Better Tokamak by Blowing Giant Plasma BubblesPDF format
Research shows how magnetic reconnection—the force behind solar flares—could initiate fusion in a tokamak reactor.
Tossed on the Waves: Charting the Path of Ejected ParticlesPDF format
Scientists gain new understanding of the complex processes that can eject high-energy particles from fusion plasmas.
Monitoring Material Changes in the Hostile Environment of a Fusion ReactorPDF format
New particle beam diagnostic technique promises insights into materials used in fusion reactors.
Fusion Foe Lends a Helping HandPDF format
Recent experiments breathe new understanding into oxygen’s role in fusion devices.
Hot Lithium Vapors Shield Fusion Facility WallsPDF format
Novel lithium coating protects reactor components while preventing plasma contamination.