FECS Virtual Session

Dear FECS members,

In light of the cancelled March Meeting, we are hosting a FECS virtual session. Please join us if you can, and share this with others! It will be hosted at https://bluejeans.com/466906452.

Tuesday, March 10th, 2020
3 - 6pm

Session G38: Topics in Diversity, Wellness, and Inclusion for Early-Career Scientists

Organized by Adam Iaizzi, APS FECS Member-at-Large

3:00 - 3:15pm EST - Virtual room open
3:15 - 3:51pm EST - Monica J Plisch "APS programs to advance diversity and inclusion in physics"
3:51 - 4:27pm EST - Maria Lund Dahlberg "Towards Effective, Inclusive Mentorship"
4:27 - 5:03pm EST - Anne Marie Porter "Challenges Facing Women in Physics"
5:03 - 5:39pm EST - Andrea Welsh "Mental health challenges for early career physicists"

An effort will be made to record these sessions and post them online for those who cannot make it.

FECS Virtual Session March Meeting 2020