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De Brito Cruz, Carlos Henrique [2020]
University of Campinas
Citation: For fundamental research in ultrafast laser development leading to seminal understanding of chemical transitions in semiconductors and biomolecules, and for trailblazing in the international physics community by fostering collaborations, education, and science diplomacy.

Ni, Kaixuan [2020]
University of California, San Diego
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the development of liquid xenon detector technologies for dark matter search, for tirelessly promoting international collaboration in particle astrophysics, and for mentoring US and international students.

Scott, Susan M. [2020]
Australian National University
Citation: For groundbreaking discoveries in general relativity and gravitational wave science, advancing our understanding of the singularities and global structure of space-time and the nature of astrophysical signatures in gravitational wave experiments; and for promoting gravitational research worldwide.

Spentzouris, Panagiotis [2020]
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Citation: For achievements in high energy physics with emphasis on scientific computation for international collaborations, and for fostering international partnerships in quantum computing and quantum information science and technology.

Stapnes, Steinar [2020]
Citation: For promotion and scientific leadership of truly global collaborations at the frontier of linear colliders for particle physics research.