Luisa Cifarelli: APS International Councilor

University of Bologna and INFN, Italy

Educational History

  • Scientific Associate, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland (on leave from University of Bologna) (2011-12)
  • University Professorship, University of Naples "Federico II" (1989-90); University of Pisa (1991-93); University of Salerno (1994-01); University of Bologna (2002-present), Italy
  • Fellowship, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland (on leave from INFN) (1980-82)
  • Research position, INFN (Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics), Bologna, Italy
  • Graduation in Physics, University of Bologna, Italy (1975)

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Top 5 Honors, Awards, or Recognition

  • Fellow, American Physical Society
  • "Gero Thomas" Medal, European Physical Society (2021)
  • Member, Academy of Europe (Academia Europaea)
  • Member, Bologna Academy of Sciences (Accademia delle Scienze dell'Istituto di Bologna), Italy
  • Honorary Doctor, JINR (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research), Dubna, Russia

Most Recent APS Volunteer History

  • Office, APS FIP (Forum on International Physics), Chair Line (2018-21)
  • Member, APS CISA (Committee on International Scientific Affairs)
    (2012-17, 2019-21)
  • Member, APS Task Force on Expanding International Engagement (2017-18)
  • Member, APS Organizing Committee for Sakharov 100 Celebrations - Science, Peace, Human Rights (2021)
  • Member, Roundtable Series on US Participation in Large-Scale International Collaborations (2015-16)

Membership in Other Societies

  • Italian Physical Society (SIF): President (2008-19), Honorary President
  • European Physical Society (EPS): Officer of Presidential Line (2010-13)

Other Relevant Experience

  • President, Fermi Centre (public research institution), Italy (2011-19)
  • Member, national/international boards: NATO Advisory Panel on Computer Networks (1993-00); CERN Council (2004-06); INFN Board of Directors (2002-08), Italy;
    CNRS Scientific Council, France (2014-18); JINR Scientific Council, Russia (2013-22);
    Bologna Academy Governing Board, Italy
  • Current Scientific Committee member, DIPC, Spain; World Laboratory, Switzerland; FEMCCS (Majorana Centre), Italy

Candidate Statement

My research in experimental physics has mainly taken place in big international collaboration experiments and has concerned very high-energy particle physics at large-scale facilities in major European laboratories such as CERN in Geneva and DESY in Hamburg.

As a researcher, as a professor and thanks to my numerous leadership roles in learned societies and scientific organisations, as well as to my strong involvement in scientific publishing and dissemination, I have been able to gain considerable experience with regard to interdisciplinarity and internationality, with a special focus on diversity (racial, social, cultural, gender-related, etc.) and the world of the young.

As an International Councillor of the APS, I will pursue the objective to further strengthen the relationships between the APS and many other scientific societies and institutions in Europe, and to foster through this enhanced bilateral cooperation the international engagement of the APS on a global scale, especially towards LMI, scientifically developing countries in Latin America, Africa, Middle and Far East.

Facilitating communications between the American and European physics communities will allow them to speak with a louder, consonant voice on all matters concerning physics that have an impact on an even wider community in an enlarged international scenario. These matters firstly refer to research strategy, international facilities and collaborations, science diplomacy and publishing policy, as well as culture, education, diversity, dissemination and outreach. But they also relate to present-day societal challenges, such as energy, food, climate, environment, health, to name but a few.

One of my major duties would be to help coordinate common programmes and initiatives, such as meetings, grants, prizes or awards, and to act whenever required as "liaison officer" of the APS in Europe and elsewhere, with a special attention to the young and a special focus on "physics for development". This has actually been the motto of my recent time as chair of the APS Forum on International Physics.

Finally, during my mandate of International Councillor I would vigorously promote and support the initiative of the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology in 2025. Due to the interdisciplinary character of such an initiative, this Year will considerably help increase worldwide the visibility, impact and outreach of physics in all its fundamental and applied aspects.

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Luisa Cifarelli 2023 General Election

Luisa Cifarelli