APS Bridge Program

Involvement Opportunities

National Labs & Private Sector Employers

The Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN) has created a partnership with National Labs and private sector employers to facilitate placement of Bridge students in internships and Bridge graduates in jobs. If you are interested in becoming part of this network so that you can hire Bridge interns or PhD graduates, please contact our team at bridgeprogram@aps.org.

Funding and Donors

The APS Bridge Program is funded through the NSF INCLUDES Alliance: IGEN (Inclusive Graduate Education Network). We continue to seek out this type of support to help provide students with transition funds as they begin their graduate programs, increase access to networking events and conferences, and provide programmatic support to partnering graduate programs. Through continued improvements, the APS Bridge Program hopes to continue to close the gap while providing students with a clear path to success. If you are interested in donating to the APS Bridge Program, please contact our team at development@aps.org.


The IGEN Network hosts a conference for Bridge Programs across disciplines. Conferences feature involvement opportunities for all. Check out the IGEN website for more details!


If you are interested in becoming a partnering institution please see our Institutions Page.


If you are interested in applying to the Bridge Program for your graduate degree please see our Students Page.

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