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APS Webinars offer interactive discussion, career guidance, and advice from fellow physicists. APS webinars require registration but are always free.

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Success in Industry Careers Series

The APS Success in Industry Careers series is focused on building and "demystifying" the key skills that will set physics graduates up for success in industry careers.

Upcoming broadcasts:

Letting the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good: A Crash Course in Return on Investment/Cost Benefit Analysis
Tuesday, 09/29/20, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. ET
In the classroom the only correct answer is the one that satisfies the equations perfectly. In the industrial world how precise an answer is appropriate depends on the context. One such measure of goodness of fit is the Return on Investment (ROI). The right answer to most industrial problems is that which is good enough to meet the system requirements. In this webinar, Dr. Dan Pisano, Director of Industrial Engagement at APS, will give an overview of the concept of ROI and provide specific examples of how it influences activity and decision making processes in industry. Register Now »

Past webinars in this series:

Why You Should Consider an Industry Career
In this webinar, Crystal Bailey, Head of Career Programs at APS, gives an overview of the vast opportunities afforded by private sector careers to physicists of all backgrounds, nationalities, and degree paths. She will also discuss how the employment picture has changed, and is likely to continue to change, in a post-COVID workforce. Watch Now »

Physics Career Exploration Series

The APS Physics Career Exploration Series will feature many of the common career paths available to those with physics degrees, as well as many that are “off the beaten path.”

Past webinars in this series:

Considering a Career at a National Laboratory
In this webinar, Dr. Peter S. Fiske will describe the U.S. National Lab complex in 2020 and their key areas of research, and will discuss specific pathways that lead to the majority of research employment opportunities at national labs. Fiske will also describe some of the key similarities and differences between life at a national lab and life in industry and academia. Watch Now »

Summer Webinar Series
As part of the APS response to COVID-19 and feedback from a survey distributed to graduate students and early-career scientists, APS is offering a free Summer Webinar Series to provide you with an opportunity to learn skills that can help you achieve your career goals.

Recent Webinars & Presentations

From Academia to Entrepreneurship
In this webinar, APS Distinguished Lectureship recipient Thirumalai Venkatesan discusses many aspects of pursuing an entrepreneurial career while in an academic setting. The presentation includes several examples of student and faculty startups as well as Venkatesan's own experience in running a company for over three decades amidst an academic career.
Putting Your Science to WORK
Physics degree holders are among the most employable in the world. Science and technology employers know that potential hires with physics training offer a broad, problem-solving skill set that translates to almost any environment. Surprisingly, many scientists still find today’s job market to be a confusing and frustrating place.
Teaching Technical Feasibility with Introductory Physics: The Hyperloop Module
December 4, 2019 - Randall Jones will introduce an innovative new curricular module, focused on the Hyperloop concept, that explores technical feasibility, human desirability, and financial viability along with introductory kinematics.

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