APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session A

A02.00001: Trapped Ion Quantum Computing at Honeywell
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI DAMOP
Russell Stutz

A02.00002: Sandia's Quantum Scientific Computing Open User Testbed (QSCOUT)
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI DAMOP
Christopher Yale, Susan Clark, Daniel Lobser, Jessica Pehr, Melissa Revelle, Peter Maunz

A02.00006: A trapped ion system with integrated optics for logical quantum operations
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI DAMOP
Christopher Axline, Karan Mehta, Roland Matt, Robin Oswald, Chiara Decaroli, Leon Stolpmann, Jonathan Home

A02.00008: Integrated optical implementation of multi-ion quantum logic
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI DAMOP
Karan Mehta, Chi Zhang, Maciej Malinowski, Thanh-Long Nguyen, Martin Stadler, Jonathan Home

A02.00011: Laser-free trapped-ion entangling gates with an oscillating magnetic-field gradient at radio frequency
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI DAMOP
Raghavendra Srinivas, Shaun Burd, Robert Sutherland, Hannah Knaack, Dietrich Leibfried, David Wineland, Andrew Wilson, David Allcock, Daniel Slichter

A02.00013: Improved Light-Matter Interaction in a Thulium Cavity Memory for Quantum Light Storage
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI DAMOP
Jacob Davidson, Pascal Lefebvre, Jun Zhang, Daniel Oblak, Wolfgang Tittel