APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session F

F23.00002: Quantifying multi-species bacterial interactions in larval zebrafish
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO GSNP
Deepika Sundarraman, Edouard Hay, Dylan Martins, Drew Shields, Noah Pettinari, Karen Guillemin, Raghuveer Parthasarathy

F23.00006: Biophysical consequences of sublethal antibiotics on gut bacterial persistence and transmission
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO GSNP
Brandon Schlomann, Travis Wiles, Elena Wall, Karen Guillemin, Raghuveer Parthasarathy

F23.00007: Delayed antibiotic exposure induces population collapse in enterococcal communities with drug-resistant subpopulations
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO GSNP
Kelsey Hallinen, Jason Karslake, Kevin Wood

F23.00008: Predicting microbial community metabolic function from genomic structure
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO GSNP
Karna Gowda, Derek Ping, Laura Troyer, Madhav Mani, Seppe Kuehn

F23.00011: Biphasic Chemotaxis of E. coli to the Microbiota Metabolite Indole
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO GSNP
Jingyun Yang, Ravi Chawla, Kathy Rhee, Rachit Gupta, Michael Manson, Arul Jayaraman, Pushkar Lele

F23.00015: Microbial communities governed by interplay of bacterial interaction and biofilm mechanics
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO GSNP
Gabi Steinbach, Michael Siulung, Cristian Crisan, Brian Hammer, Peter Yunker