APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session M

M16.00003: Detector Tomography on IBM Quantum Computers and Mitigation of Imperfect Measurement
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Yanzhu Chen, Maziar Farahzad, Shinjae Yoo, Tzu-Chieh Wei

M16.00010: Independent State and Measurement Characterization on Quantum Computers
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Junan Lin, Joel Wallman, Raymond Laflamme

M16.00011: Extracting Coherence Information From Random Circuits Using “Speckle Purity Benchmarking”
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Julian Kelly, Sergio Boixo, Zijun Chen, John Martinis, Hartmut Neven

M16.00012: Quantum noise spectroscopy for multiaxis noise models
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Leigh Norris, Gerardo Paz Silva, Felix Beaudoin, Lorenza Viola

M16.00013: Cayley path and quantum computational supremacy: A proof of average-case #P-hardness of Random Circuit Sampling with quantified robustness
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Ramis Movassagh