APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session R

R23.00002: Evolutionary regain of lost network function
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO GSNP
Mirna Kheir Gouda, Michael Manhart, Gabor Balazsi

R23.00004: The Evolutionary Dynamics of Incubation Periods
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO GSNP
Bertrand Ottino-Loffler, Jacob Scott, Steven Strogatz

R23.00006: Spatial Expansions and Serial Bottlenecks Produce Different Topologies of Genealogical Trees
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO GSNP
Gabriel Birzu, Oskar Hallatschek, Kirill Korolev

R23.00007: Early Multicellular Organisms Co-opt Cell-Level Characteristics into Group-Level Properties via the Principle of Maximum Entropy
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO GSNP
Thomas Day, David Yanni, Shane Jacobeen, Peter Yunker