APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session F

F50.00004: Phases of the t-J model with random and all-to-all hopping and exchange
Sponsor Unit(s): DCMP
Darshan Joshi, Chenyuan Li, Subir Sachdev

F50.00005: Fermi-surface Reconstruction in the Repulsive Fermi-Hubbard Model
Sponsor Unit(s): DCMP
Ian Osborne, Nandini Trivedi, Thereza Paiva

F50.00006: Probing out-of-time-order correlators using thermofield double states
Sponsor Unit(s): DCMP
Etienne Lantagne-Hurtubise, Stephan Plugge, Oguzhan Can, Marcel Franz

F50.00007: Non-Laudau Quantum Phase Transitions and Nearly-Marginal Fermi Liquid
Sponsor Unit(s): DCMP
Yichen Xu, Hao Geng, Xiaochuan Wu, Chao-Ming Jian, Cenke Xu

F50.00012: Exploring order-to-order transitions of Dirac fermions in the regime of strong interactions
Sponsor Unit(s): DCMP
Lukas Weber, Stefan Wessel