APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session L

L16.00005: Schrieffer-Wolff Methods for Annealing Qubits
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Rudolph Magyar, David Ferguson

L16.00008: Updates to Hybrid Quantum-Classical Annealing
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Peter Schuhmacher, Aditi Misra, Salil Bedkihal, Xi Dai, Adrian Lupascu, Frank Wilhelm

L16.00011: How Quantum is the Speedup in Adiabatic Unstructured Search?
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Itay Hen

L16.00013: Generating Weighted MAX-2-SAT Instances with Tunable Frustration on an RBM
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Yan Ru Pei, Haik Manukian, Massimiliano Di Ventra

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