Abstract Submission Policies


The guidelines below serve as a general overview of the abstract policies for APS meetings. For more specific directions, refer to the Invited Abstract Guidelines and Contributed Abstract Guidelines.

Abstract Deadlines

All abstract deadlines are strictly observed. Only abstracts received by the published deadlines are guaranteed to be accepted and placed in the scientific program.

Abstracts submitted after the abstract deadline may be rejected at the discretion of the program organizers. Organizers are under no obligation to schedule any contributed abstract that arrives after the close of business on the deadline date.

Scheduling Requests

Preferences expressed by the author for an oral or poster presentation, a presentation time on a particular day, or a particular order of presentations within a session will be accommodated at the discretion of the program organizers and may be affected by space limitations.

Editing of Abstracts

APS will not edit or change abstract content at the request of the author. In order to change abstract content, the first author must withdraw the original abstract and resubmit a corrected version before the submission deadline. Content changes will not be allowed once email delivery of the session notifications to authors begins.

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