Board Statement on Treatment of Students and Scientists of International Origin in the US

Archived Board Statement

May 21, 2020

Our national response to the pandemic can only succeed with the broadest participation by scientists. The APS Board therefore notes with great concern reports that many students and scientists of international origin in the US feel they are under attack1,2. They experience heightened governmental suspicion based on their national origin that is expressed in many ways, including restrictions on participation in some areas of fundamental research that could be vital to our national response to the current crisis as well as to all future challenges. This has particularly affected students and scientists of Chinese descent.

As recently noted by the APS Presidential Line, “The success of the scientific enterprise of any nation requires maintaining a balance between being openly collaborative and securely competitive.”3 The APS Board has previously expressed our firm belief that this balance is best maintained by adherence to universal ethical standards of openness and inclusion that must govern the behavior of everyone involved in the scientific enterprise4. Those who violate these standards harm all of us, and must be called to account. Just as important, unfair treatment of a segment of our physics community based on national or ethnic origin is antithetical to these values and should not be tolerated. The APS Board wishes to reaffirm these ethical principles, and reassure all students and scientists that they are highly valued members of our community. We are working actively to support international members of the scientific community in the US and abroad5, and particularly appreciate the contributions to science and society of those studying or working in the US. Their presence here enriches us all.

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