Background Information

Progress Update

Gray arrow Back Page: The APS Corporate Reform Initiative
Malcolm Beasley, APS President 2014
APS News, June 2014

Gray arrow Presentation to APS Council format_pdf
April 2014

Corporate Reform: Why, What, & How?

Gray arrow Corporate Reform for a Stronger APS
Michael Turner, APS President 2013
APS News, January 2014

Gray arrow Committee on Corporate Reform: Fact Sheet format_pdf

Gray arrow Highlights of the Work Plan with Timeline format_pdf

Important APS Reference Documents

Gray arrow Original Articles of Incorporation format_pdf
Gray arrow Archived APS Constitution and Bylaws
Gray arrow APS Strategic Plan

Background Information on Modern Governance of Societies

Gray arrow Governance Redesign Considerations format_pdf
Marybeth Fidler & Cate Bower
Cygnet Strategy, LLC

Gray arrow Background on Board Governance format_pdf
Cate Bower & Glenn Tecker
Tecker Consultants, LLC


Proposed Changes to APS Governance
September 2014

APS Leaders on Proposed Changes
September 2014

Town Hall: Background & Progress Update
April 2014

Town Hall: APS Corporate Reform
March 2014

The Future of APS
March 2014

Introduction to APS Corporate Reform
February 2014