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Herman Feshbach Prize in Theoretical Nuclear Physics

In 2012, the APS Council voted to establish the Herman Feshbach Prize in Theoretical Nuclear Physics to recognize and encourage outstanding research in theoretical nuclear physics.

The prize honors Herman Feshbach for his seminal contributions to nuclear physics.

Fundraising Goal Reached

The fundraising committee reached their goal and raised more than $200,000 to fully endow the Herman Feshbach Prize in Theoretical Nuclear Physics. Thank you to all of the donors who helped make the establishment of this prize possible.

About Herman Feshbach

Herman Feshbach was a leading nuclear theorist who enjoyed a long and distinguished career at MIT. He co-authored two seminal textbooks, led the development of nuclear reaction theory, and originated the “Feshbach resonance” used to control the interactions between atoms in ultracold gases. Read more about his renowned career on MITnews.

Image Credit: AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, Physics Today Collection


Thank You to Our Donors

The American Physical Society and the Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP) would like to thank these generous donors in support of the Herman Feshbach Prize.

$10,000 and Above

Brookhaven Science Associates, DNP, Elsevier, Journal of Nuclear & High Energy Physics, Mrs. Andrea Feshbach, Jefferson Science Associates & Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science, MIT Physics Department, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, The Lourie Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Duke University, TUNL, Michigan State University

$1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous (1), CSSM, University of Adelaide, Richard Furnstahl, Donald Geesaman, Benjamin Gibson, Francesco Iachello, Arthur Kerman, Wolfgang Ketterle, Edward R. Kinney, Kiuck Lee, David Luckey, Robert McKeown, Gerald A. Miller, Berndt Mueller, Witold Nazarewicz, Erich Ormand, Robert Redwine, R.G.H. Robertson, Achim Schwenk, Susan Seestrom & Christopher Morris, TRIUMF, University of Tennessee, Knoxville,

Up to $999

Anonymous (2), Mary Alberg, Mark Alford, David Armstrong, Naftali Auerbach, Joseph A. Aviles, Jr., Andrew Bacher, Akif Baha Balantekin, James Ball, Bruce Barrett, John F. Beacom, Aron Bernstein, Robert Block, Peter Bond, B. Alex Brown, Virginia Brown, Aurel Bulgac, Joseph Carlson, Richard Casten, Colston Chandler, Thomas David Cohen, Sidney Coon, Thomas Donnelly, Gary Doolen, Robert G. Edwards, Jonathan Engel, Rolf Ent, David Ernst, Jutta Escher, William A. Friedman, Leonard Gamberg, Alejandro Garcia, Susan Gardner, Ronald Gilman, Alexander Gramolin, Wick and Laura Haxton, Blayne R. Heckel, Ulrich W. Heinz, Ernest Henley, Douglas Higinbotham, H. D. Holmgren, Peter Jacobs, Xiangdong Ji, David Kaplan & Elizabeth Nelson, Volker Koch, Noemie Benczer Koller, Dean J. Lee, Tsung-Shung H. Lee, Jechiel Lichtenstadt, Keh-Fei Liu, Earle Lomon, John Timothy Londergan, Zheng-Tian Lu, Ruprecht Machleidt, Fred Maienschein, June Matthews, Larry McLerran, Fred Myhrer, New Mexico State University, Allena K. Opper, Jen-Chieh Peng, Daniel Robertson Phillips, Jorge Piekarewicz, Stuart Pittel, M. Poskanzer, Jianwei Qiu, Johann Rafelski, Jacobo Rapaport, George Rawitscher, Sanjay Kumar Reddy, Sevil Salur, Martin Savage, Bijan Saghai, Kamal Seth, Yitzhak Sharon, Shalom Shlomo, Donald Sprung, Stephen G. Steadman, Mark Strikman, Benjamin Svetitsky, Frank Tabakin, Peter Charles Tandy, George Tessler, Theory Center at Jefferson Laboratory, Bira van Kolck, James Vary, Stephen Wallace, John Wilkerson, Robert Bruce Wiringa, Clyde S. Zaidins, William Zajc, Larry Zamick, Vladimir Zelevinsky