InSight: Physics Slideshows

Physics InSight is a series of slideshows designed to inform and excite undergraduates about physics. Slideshow topics include:

  • Physicist profiles with diverse career paths
  • Skills used by physicists in their various professions
  • Statistics on physics careers
  • APS resources for undergraduate physics majors
  • Internship and conference opportunities for undergraduates

APS hopes these slide shows will be shown in venues frequented by potential physics majors, such as university science buildings.

Physics Insight is designed to allow users to add their own content to the slideshows. You can either insert content onto blank slides which look similar to the other Physics InSight slides, or add your own pre-existing Power Point slides. Learn how to customize InSight slides.

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APS Physics InSight Slideshow - April 2020

More Mentorship Resources

InSight slideshows are currently on pause. If you would like to find resources for mentoring students and early career scientists, please view the Tools for Career Advisors.

April 2020 Slides: Physics InSight Slideshows

While the full slideshows are available for download through the download button above, below you can find more information about each slide. Scroll down and gain deeper InSight by clicking around and learning more about each slide topic!

April 2020 Physics Insight slide 2

Slide 2: Physicist Profile: December Martin, Senior Project Manager

December manages a team working on a medical device! Click the thumbnail to learn more.

April 2020 Physics Insight slide 3

Slide 3: Physics at Work: Skills Used in R&D Jobs

Want to apply your knowledge to industry R&D? Start building these skills now!

April 2020 Physics Insight slide 4

Slide 4: Power of Physics: Physics Bachelors 1 Year Later

About half of recent physics bachelors went straight into the workforce, primarily finding jobs in the private sector.

April 2020 Physics Insight slide 5

Slide 5: Tune into Physics: IMPact: Industry Mentoring for Physicists

Find an industry mentor to get advice, information, and guidance on industry careers!

April 2020 Physics Insight slide 6

Slide 6: Physicist Profile: Evelynn Hammonds, Professor and Department Chair

Evelynn Hammonds is a well-known scholar who has served as a dean of Harvard!

April 2020 Physics Insight slide 7

Slide 7: 25 Seconds of Physics: An Ultrasound Without the Goo?

Researchers have pioneered an ultrasound using lasers! Read more by clicking the thumbnail.

April 2020 Physics Insight slide 8

Slide 8: Physicist Profile: Thomas Heffner, High School Physics Teacher

As a high school physics teacher, Thomas emphasizes the importance of science communication.

April 2020 Physics Insight slide 9

Slide 9: Physics At Work: Skills Used by Physics Teachers

What skills do teachers need everyday? Find out by clicking the thumbnail.

April 2020 Physics Insight slide 10

Slide 10: Tune into Physics: Get the Facts Out

Interested in becoming a high school science or math teacher? Get all the facts and resources by clicking the thumbnail!

April 2020 Physics Insight slide 11

Slide 11: 25 Seconds of Physics: How Does an Electric Toothbrush Recharge?

While the toothbrush casing is made of plastic, an insulator, it contains a coil which picks up a current via magnetic induction.

April 2020 Physics Insight slide 12

Slide 12: Physicist Profile: Chien Chung (Didi) Pei, Architect and Company Chairman

Didi applies his physics training to architecture! Find out how!

April 2020 Physics Insight slide 13

Slide 13: Tune into Physics: Physics Central

Learn what’s going on in physics, who’s doing what in physics, and the physics of everyday things!

April 2020 Physics Insight slide 14

Slide 14: Power of Physics: Mid-career PhD Physicists

Read about factors contributing to career success and those creating barriers, as reported by physics PhDs.