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Joel L. Lebowitz
Rutgers University


"For his tireless personal activism, throughout his superb career as a theoretical physicist, to help scientists and defend their human rights in countries around the globe."


EDUCATION: BS, Brooklyn College, 1952. PhD, Syracuse University 1956. NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University, 1956-57.

POSITIONS: Mem. Faculty Steven Inst. Tech., Hoboken, NJ, 1957-59, Yeshiva U., NYC, Belfer Grad. Sch., prof. Physics, 1959-77; George William Hill Prof. Math. And physics, dir. Ctr. for Math. Scis. Rsch., Rutgers U., New Brunswick, NJ 1977-.

AWARDS AND HONORS: Member, National Academy of Sciences. Hon. Doctorate, Ecole Poly. Federale, Laussane, Switzerland, 1977, Clark U., 1999. Boltzmann Medal, International Union Pure and Applied Physics, 1992. Max Planck Research award, 1993. Delmar S. Fahrney medal, Franklin Inst., 1995. Henri Poincare prize, International Association of Math. Physics, 2000. Vito Volterra medal, Academia Nazionale dei Lincei, 2001. Guggenheim fellow, 1976-77. Fellow AAAS (Sci. Freedom and Responsibility award 1998). Am. Phys. Soc., NY Acad. Scis. (pres. 1979, A. Cressy Morrison award in natural Scis. 1986, Heinz R. Pagels Human Rights of Scientists award, 1996). Editor: Journal of Statistical Physics, 1975-, Com. Math. Physics, 1973-;

SCIENTIFIC ENDEAVORS: My current work is primarily in the field of statistical mechanics, with particular emphasis on the properties of stationary non-equilibrium states. I am also working on the evolution of quantum systems subjected to time dependent external fields.