Gender Equity Conversations

Gender Equity Visits

CSWP conducted a series of one-day visits on "Conversations in Gender Equity."

Site Visits
One-day visits began in Fall 2009 and wrapped up in Spring 2011.

More Information
For further details or to request a visit, please contact:
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Gender Equity Conference

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To build on the success of the 2007 workshop, "Gender Equity: Strengthening the Physics Enterprise in Universities and National Laboratories," the Committee on the Status of Women in Physics (CSWP) is offering a new type of site visit to university physics departments and national laboratories: Conversations on Gender Equity.
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Conversation Visit Goals
The site visit purpose is to learn what works best for physicists and to carry that information forward into future site visits and physics programs.

Conversations on Gender Equity site visits foster dialogue between visiting discussion leaders and the members of departments or laboratories they visit. Notes generated during the visit will be approved by both the hosts and the discussion leaders, and will be used by CSWP to broadly disseminate these ideas (without any identifying information).

Final Report
A final report on the Conversations on Gender Equity program was compiled following the completion of the inaugural one-day visit series. 
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The Visiting Team

Visitors are selected from members of the workshop steering committee, CSWP, and other physicists who are fully engaged in diversity issues. Although most of the team are working physicists, a few social scientists among our discussion leaders will contribute their expertise in facilitating dialogue.

Discussion leaders will meet with students, faculty, the department chair or lab director and whomever he or she designates, and other interested parties. Discussion leaders will then facilitate a brainstorming session to examine the institution’s culture and how that culture affects its climate for gender equity and expansion of diversity, with a goal of finding customized solutions.

All travel expenses for the discussion leaders will be borne by APS (with funding from the NSF).  This project is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0710948.

Further Reading

Sherry Yennello and Catherine Fiore, both past chairs of the Committee on the Status of Women in Physics, discuss the Gender Equity Conversations project in "Improving the Climate for Women in Physics" in On Campus with Women's Campus Climates for Women issue.

Catherine Fiore presented on the Gender Equity Conversations project at the American Chemical Society's 241st National Meeting.
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Catherine Fiore presented on the Gender Equity Conversations project for the Women In Materials Science and Engineering.
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