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January 1996 (Volume 5, Number 1)


Sessler Chosen as APS Vice-President in 1995 Election
The APS membership elected Andrew Sessler, a senior scientist at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, to be the Society's next vice-president.
Schrieffer Focuses on Improving Communication Science Education
Incoming APS President J. Robert Schrieffer (Florida State University) reflects on his priorities for the Society in 1996. NOBEL APS PRESIDENTS. A few quick facts regarding past Nobel Prize winners who have served as APS president.
Insights into Nuclear Structure Featured at 1995 DNP Fall Meeting
New insights into nuclear structure, superheavy elements, and future applications of basic nuclear research were among the topics featured at the 1995 fall meeting of the Division of Nuclear Physics.
APS Honors Two Young Physicists with 1995 Apker Award
Two promising young physicists have been named by the APS as recipients of the 1995 Apker Award for their research achievements as undergraduates.
Challenge to Scholarly Surveys Again Rejected
The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York has reaffirmed the First Amendment right to publish surveys analyzing the prices of scientific journals, the latest legal decision in a lawsuit between APS, the American Institute of Physics, and science journal publisher Gordon and Breach.
DNP Workshops Explore Transition Physics, Education Reform
The APS Division of Nuclear Physics organized two workshops just prior to its annual fall meeting in Indiana.
Southeastern Research Opportunities Featured at SES Fall Meeting
Emerging new research opportunities in the Southeast were featured at the 62nd meeting of the APS Southeastern Section.
Ballot Survey Indicates More APS Members are Going Electronic
APS members are making greater and mroe frequent use of electronic services, according to the results of a member survey that accompanied the 1995 general election ballots.
In Brief
The APS Council approves two minor changes to the Bylaws regarding committee service of Congressional Fellows; Six APS representatives traveled to Tokyo in September to attend the Second International Conference on Research and Communication in Physics; U.S. Representative Vernon Ehlers (R-MI) was elected to APS fellowship; and the APS Division of Biological Physics is sponsoring a workshop on physical techniques in the biological sciences just prior to the APS March Meeting in St. Louis.
Nobel APS Presidents
Eighty-two people have served as president of APS, and there are 147 winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics. There have been 21 APS presidents who have also won a Nobel Prize, before, during, and after their tenure.
CRDF Announces Cooperative Grants Program
On November 6, 1995, the U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) announced a call for proposals for its new Cooperative Grants Program.


Inside the Beltway
Freshman House Republicans Muscle Legislation to a Crawl
APS Views
APS Director of International Scientific Affairs Irving Lerch discusses the hard realities of international science and the role of the OECD Megascience Forum.
How I Went from Comedy Writer to Science Teacher in 65 Easy Lessons
TV writer and producer Casey Keller shares his experiences communicating science to kids through the series "Beakman's World."
Communicating Physics to the Public is a Valuable Skill
Ruth Howes calls for the physics community to recognize the value of good communicators of science.
To The Editor, APS News &mdash Eliminate Postdoctoral Positions
The Back Page
Looking Ahead: It's Time To Defend All of Scientific Research


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