APS News

June 1998 (Volume 7, Number 6)


Quantum Computing, MEMs, Spintronics Mark 1998 L.A. March Meeting
More than 5,000 physicists converged on the Los Angeles Convention Center, 16-20 March, for the Society's annual March Meeting.
APS Career and Professional Development Liaison Program Launched
The APS Committee on Careers and Professional Development sponsored the first workshop to kickoff a Career and Professional Development Liaison.
Massey Adopts “Old Style” Approach to Morehouse Presidency
A typical day’s activities for physicist Walter Massey.
In Brief
CIFS petitions for Chinese scientists; Ohio Section holds spring meeting.
Proposed Amendments to APS Constitution to Allow Electronic Balloting
At its April meeting, the APS Council approved several amendments to the Constitution, which will appear on the election ballot this summer for APS members to vote on their adoption.
A Century of Physics
1925-1934: The Language of the Atom.
Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics
An on-line archive featuring contributions of 20th Century women to physics.
Task Force for Prizes and Awards Report
APS prizes and awards are highly regarded by the scientific community.
Bylaw Revision for Thesis Awards
In accordance with a recommendation from the 1998 Task Force on Prizes and Awards, Council has approved a revision to the APS Bylaws regarding the thesis awards bestowed by several APS Divisions.
APS Executive Board Appoints Task Force on Academic Tenure
This task force will grapple with the active and sometimes acrimonious debate on the need for change in the academic tenure system.
Some Simple Rules of Writing
Barbara Levi, Physics Today, tells of Miss Ottenberg’s rules, plus more.
APS Career and Professional Development Committee Receives Final Approval
The former committee on Application in Physics has a new name and a new mission.
FIAP Jobs Engine
FIAP has established an on-line job search engine.
Merzbacher Appointed as Consultant for APS Centennial
Merzbacher will advise the Centennial staff on the the general APS exhibit; the individual unit exhibits and symposia; the various planned APS Reunions; the Centennial public relations initiative; and other issues as needed.
Four Corners Section Holds First Meeting
The fledgling APS Four Corners Section held its first annual meeting at the University of New Mexico, April 3-4.
APS Northwest Section is Established
The Northwest Section, the APS’ seventh section, includes members from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Western Canada.
Quantum Computing Holds Promise of Parallel Calculations
Quantum computers are hypothetical machines that would exploit the superposition principle of quantum mechanics to perform an immense number of calculations in parallel.
DOE Priorities to Meet New National Goals
Ernest Moniz, Deputy Under Secretary of DOE, speaks out.
“Spintronics” Hold Potential for Future Electronic Devices
Spin-dependent phenomena may be used for very high performance electronics.
MEMS Could Pave the Way for Atomic-Scale Assembly
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) could provide the key to manufacturing atomic scale, self-assembling devices.


The Wealth of Nations
Andrew Sessler and Francis Slakey on making science a national priority.
Physics is Not Always a Benefit to Mankind — Comment on: Why God Never Received a PhD — Fact or "Netmyth"?
Keep Tenure: Fix the Problems
Frank Franz offers his perspective on how to fix academic tenure.


Zero Gravity
How to Give a Better Talk.

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