APS News

December 1999 (Volume 8, Number 11)


William Brinkman Elected APS Vice President
APS members elected William Brinkman of Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies as their new vice president in 2000.
'T Hooft and Voltman Awarded Nobel Prize in Physics; Zewail Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Two physicists were honored for their pioneering work in devising a unified framework for all the physical forces; a third was recognized in chemistry for his work with ultrafast laser pulses for observing chemical reactions.
APS Members Serve, Research and Defend
Public affairs and the war years.
Festival Profile
Exploring our fractal universe.
New Faces at APS Headquarters
Hicks is the new Associate Publisher; Otwell joins as an Education Programs Administrator.
In Brief
Townes wins Annunzio award; DHPP is now DPOLY; DNP Junior Investigator Program; Physics in Popular Culture.
Meeting Briefs
Fall section meeting summaries.
Physics Nobel Laureates Support CTBT
APS spoke out in support for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.
Congressional Fellow Report
Antonia Herzog reflect on her year as APS Congressional Fellow on the Hill.
Beltway Briefs
Goings on in Washington.
Creating Art from Classical and Quantum Chaos
Eric Heller's work on display at the American Center for Physics in College Park, MD.
New Microscope for Materials
LBL researchers devise a new microwave probe.


Happer to Remain on Princeton Team — Readers Reply to Chodos Regarding Foreign Students — New DOE Polygraph Rules Don't Protect National Security
Irving Lerch on international collaborations: cost-effective or a give-away?
Conceptualizing a New Degree
Sheila Tobias on the professional masters degree.


Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
The 1999 Ig Nobel prizes.
Inside the Beltway
Sinking the Test Ban Treaty.
The Back Page
Roger Highfield on the physics of Christmas.
Physics and Technology Forefronts
Wavelength Division Multiplexing: An Optical Communications Revolution

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