APS News

May 2000 (Volume 9, Number 5)


Frist, Lieberman, Varmus Receive Y2K Public Service Awards
The APS, along with the AAS and AMS, honored three men with public service awards for efforts on behalf of science.
Physicists Urged to Rally in Support of Proposed Nanotechnology Initiative
A sampling of the latest research results in diverse applications of nanotechnology presented at the APS March Meeting.
CUNY Celebrates “Creating Copenhagen”
In New York, a series of symposia celebrate the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics.
End of the Century: APS Today
APS Today - American Physical Society continues to serve the international physics community with journals, meetings, and public programs of the first rank.
Treasurer's Report
APS to implement new journal pricing policies.
Remembering the APS-China Program
The passing of Chinese-born physicist Xie Xide leads to a reflection on her contributions to the Society's cooperative program with China.
Stretched to the Limit: Funding Shortfall Threatens Science Programs
that can be stretched only so far and still bounce back, the U.S. High Energy Physics program has reached the limit of budget stretching before irrevocable changes threaten its capacity for world-leading science.
Spallation Neutron Source Features Superconducting Linac
An overview of the science and instrumentation of the SNS.
Out of Africa: Using Fractals To Teach At-Risk Students
RPI professor Ron Eglash says fractal geometry is broadly evident throughout traditional African culture.
Meeting Briefs
The APS Texas, New York State and New England Sections all held their annual spring meetings in March and April.


President's Corner
APS President James Langer on the APS media outreach programs.
The Physics of Pynchon — Garwin's Objectivity Challenged — Trans-Atlantic Support for CTBT — Markowitz Statements Sadly Pessimistic


This Month in Physics History
May 10, 1752: First experiment to draw electricity from lightning
The Back Page
Top twenty technological screw-ups of the 20th century.

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